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South Korea Trip May 2017 _ Day 2

관리자 2020-01-13 13:01:56 조회 585

On Day 2, we spent the whole day in Everland and I felt like a kid again! The last two times I was in an amusement park, I had to be the responsible parent, so this was major for me. I really enjoyed the rides and the beautiful flowers at the park. For dinner on Tuesday night, we met the wonderful people who work at the Jim English Korea office and I experienced my first ‘hoesik.’ We had samgyupsal, and some kind of fried/toasted rice with cheese which was the specialty of the restaurant. For the next round, we went to a quaint café for coffee and tea and ended up trying each other’s drinks while making some interesting chitchat about the café owner, the abstract paintings inside the coffee shop and Korean cosmetics.

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